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Elder Lecture Series - Testimonials
If you have experienced Magdalana's Lecture Series and would like to share with others.
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* Note Dates may be current date but some of our Testimonials were sent and we have then posted to our website.

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Activity Director at the Susan Bailis in Boston. on February 15, 2016 at 6:36 AM said:

I have hired an excellent speaker and group facilitator named Magdalana Siegel to hold lectures at the Bailis and I must tell you that the residents have responded to Maggdalana in an amazing manner. She has a very warm, disarming manner ad presents topics relevant to residents in assisted living environments allowing them to sort out their emotions and feel validated. She provides very positive solutions to elders who have a new environment, family dynamics and the feeling that there is no longer control in their lives.

We have had two sessions in May and June that last about on hour and our residents have requested another series as soon as possible. She is on my calendar for the coming months. Since Magdalana's sessions the residents who were truly anxious about the topics she presented haven't been as vocal with their feelings of lost self control and I've seen more positive outlooks on life in an assisted living facility.

I encourage you to speak with her and if you are in need of a speaker/lecturer/facilitator she is the real deal. One resident who rarely (meaning never) participates in activities raved about the dynamic of Magdalana's session.

Susan Aiken
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