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Elder Lecture Series New England


The following details a unique Discussion Series designed to support the emotional well being and the enhancement of dignity for seniors.  This (30) topic series has been presented at various Community Senior Centers, Senior Housing settings, Independent Retirement, and Assisted Living communities throughout the New England Region, Florida & Hilton Head SC. 


  • Honoring Our Wisdom  Accepting ourselves without diminishing or eroding our self-worth.  Claiming & celebrating our seasoned knowledge and the threads of wisdom that have woven into our lives.


  • The Rhythm of Our Days~Making sense of Life’s Changes Our routine is the scaffolding of Life.  In this world altering pandemic its natural to mourn the loss measured of daily life, however gratefulness can help us move forward.


  • Reclaiming Our Personal Power   How to maintain a degree of privacy, boundaries and self-care when living in community with others that we didn’t necessarily get to choose as house mates. Asking for what we need, not feeling guilty for our “no”.  Methods for holding Gossiping at bay.


  • Grief-Re-Potting Ourselves      When left unattended, sorrow can accumulate whether from everyday losses such our body parts not working like they once did or loss of independence. We learn how to connect with grief while not being overwhelmed by it. The unattended sorrow once felt, gradually peels away the layers, allowing one’s heart to expand once again. 


  •  Accidental Inventions Dozens of inventions we use every day had surprisingly haphazard beginnings. Potato chips were first cooked by a chef who was furious at a customer who complained because his fried potatoes were too thick! Discoveries that changed our lives.


  • Removing Thorns/Weeding the Garden   Exploring the challenges of family dynamics. Perhaps there are unresolved issues from years ago.  These issues may carry strong feelings that ignite every interaction within the family.  These same intense feelings may also tinge interactions between the family and other people such as professional caregivers at a facility or other staff in the community.


  • Uncommon Sence Join the discussion of useless amusing facts.  Did you know... Ancient Egyptians believed eating fried mice would cure a tooth ache! Bound to astonished.


  • Living Gently with Ourselves Sometimes we abandon ourselves by not acknowledging our feelings…especially what I call those SHADOW feelings like Anger, Resentment & Shame. If we hold onto and stuff those dark feelings we give up trusting ourselves!  Connected to this belief can then translate into “others don’t value me”. We must Let Go or Be Dragged! 


  • School Daze~things we weren't taught in school A crazy mix of fun random facts we might not have learned in school.  Unexpected questions & answers~ interesting discussions guaranteed.


  •  Breathing In-Heart Healing  At times in the “news” what we hear and see can be somewhat bruising .We can be left with weariness brought about by repetitive accounts of others pain, tragedy and human cruelty. How we can safely develop strategies to heal our hearts from this compassion fatigue as we express grief over uncontrolled events. 
  • Friendship & Quiet Passages The death & loss of a new friendship within an assisted living community can be especially challenging for some. This loss can layer on top of many prior losses that remain as unprocessed grief.  Discussion on how to avoid shrinking-back from further pain by isolating and not wanting to cultivate new friendships for fear of further loss. While continuing to honor those new friendships that did begin with a simple Hello that have entered their Quiet Passage. 


  • Embracing the Gift that you are  We are all here for two purposes-to Teach & to Learn.  Sharing the lessons and wisdom we’ve learned and been taught by life and the joy of being awakened by someone else’s knowledge. Live, Learn & Pass it on with Magdalana.


  • Rear View Mirror Reminiscing A waltz down memory lane, recalling foods, songs, movies, and memories for raining day reading.  And who could forget…S & H Green Stamps, Beauty Parlors and Cupie Dolls!


  • Sticks N’ Stones….Bruising Tones Our words & gestures can either bruise or soothe.  By working together as Goodwill Ambassador’s we can create a kinder, Bully-free community for all beings.
  • Blunders & Whimsical Missteps  Never make a mistake when someone else can make it for us!  Humorous quotes collect all the wisdom we could ever need. Never hire an electrician whose eyebrows are scorched.  Never say “Hi Jack” in an Airport!
  • Practicing Acceptance. A little death-My Big Life! One trouble with discussing the end of life is the instinctive fear of death and we tend to avoid the topic, however this group conversation can provide strength in supporting one another on the journey with insights. The essence of who we are, the voice of your future is already resonating within you.


  • Diversity, Dignity & Me Developing tools and strategies in a new environment. Achieving a sense of belonging. Creating comfort with the ethnic, cultural and sexual differences where we live together. 
  • By My Own Design  Designing in truth & celebration of your own lifetime.  Writing your own Obituary. What’s something you want known about how you lived your life that only in your own words can be captured?  Make it kind to you, a gift to others. Own your Own story, write the ending!


  • Holidays & Remembering Winters Past Recalling family traditions & winter experiences.  Who celebrated with you ? Those outdoor winter activities shared. And the reality of Holiday Blues for some.


  • Opinions ~ Inquiring Minds Want to Know An opportunity for inner reflection as we explore various questions without any correct or incorrect answer. Simply resting in the wonder of possibilities’ of what could be. 
  • The Answer is You  Have you ever wondered how you can continue to grow & celebrate more in life? We’ll discuss compelling questions, gathering insights along the way, fully alive & not afraid to know anything about yourself. 
  • Believe It Or Not  Is it a belief, urban myth or a superstition? Why do we knock on wood ? Careful not to open your umbrella in the house and hope not to break a mirror and get 7 years bad luck !

  • You Are a Living Library ~ Take a Bow  As Beings of wisdom continuing to thrive and not just survive this life we have.  What sustains us, still agreeing to say “YES” to life, authentic and connected to your truth. 
  • Pieces of a Dream ~ “Oh Mr. Sandman”   Dreaming is our own individual “video” show, perhaps attempting through our sub-conscious selves to aid us with understanding of what our thoughts may have yet acknowledged. 
  • Engage Your Mind *Ignite Your Ideas We explore the possibility of growing more deeply into ourselves in ways that can allow us to live our lives as if it really mattered with a series of questions.
  • Why Do We Say It? The revealing stories behind the expressions & clichés we use. What is the reason we say a person can’t make up their mind is shillyshallying?  Its raining “cats & dogs.”
  • Curiosity…Never  killed  any Cat!  The exploration of folklore and urban myths with an inquiry…ever wonder why a belief got started or who started it?  Where & when did the ice cream “sundae” get that name
  • Where the heck…did that “Phrase” come from?   A discussion of where & how some common phrases originated ~ and do we still use them? Such as “Brand Spanking New”. How long does something stay new anyway!
  • Let's Reframe Aging      What has society told us about aging? How did our parents & grandparents view aging? I believe that “aging” is not “lost youth” but rather a new stage of opportunity to stretch ourselves ~ capturing each precious moment in the now.
  • What came First…the Chicken or the Egg?  Which did come first…Statue of Liberty or Eiffel Tower? Jeopardy or Family Feud…. Harmonica or the Revolver Gun?  Think you know which came first ? ~ Let’s explore.

Fee~ $175  per topic


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