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Magdalana Grace Siegel


Magdalana Grace Siegel is a consultant with many years’ experience as a therapist with offices in Newburyport & Boston Massachusetts. Her unique senior discussions., “Live, Learn & Pass It On with Magdalana”consisting of 30 topics is designed to support the emotional wellbeing and the enhancement of dignity for seniors living in residential settings.



In addition, Ms. Siegel provides staff development trainings,“Maintaining Wellness & Equilibrium in the Workplace” the 15 different tracks offered are presented at the facility as well.

“Comforting the Comforter” a community event is one offered for family members of elders residing in the residential community that may be experiencing memory challenges.


As an effective & inspiring awakener, Ms. Siegel travels throughout the entire New England region and Florida providing all of the above selections.


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Live, Learn & Pass It On with Magdalana

Elder Lecture Series

Thoughtfully designed & presented by

Magdalana Grace Siegel

Email: magdalanasiegel@yahoo.com

978 255-1163 and 508 633-1875

13 10th Street
Plum Island
Newbury, Ma 01951 USA


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