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Maintaining Wellness & Equilibrium in the Workplace:
Staff Trainings

The following is a summary of our 15 staff trainings


  •  Compassion Fatigue – Vicarious Trauma  This track identifies & acknowledges the challenges we face day in & day out caring for others, the residents/patients in addition to our own families.  We’ll explore how to avoid getting into a“self-care deficit “as we manage our own lives.


  •  Behavioral Addiction Awareness  Here we explore the dynamics of working with individuals that perhaps have had a history of challenges related to issues of addiction. While although they may have since been in sustained remission, behavioral addictions can often follow such as hoarding, & gambling.


  • Healthy Boundaries & Ethics  We focus on resident/patient and our relationship with them….how much of our personal lives do we share. Examine maintaining good clean and clear boundaries with one another as co-workers. Methods for holding “gossiping” at bay.


  • Understanding of Mental Health Issues & Co-Occurring Disorders  Identifying  and understanding the various personality disorders, in hopes of better managing individuals and how they “fit” or don’t in the mix and why.


  • Resting in Soul Space  The compassionate presence of care & comfort at the end of life. Caregivers play a vital role in this process by reminding the person of specific good they have done in their lives that their life mattered. We examine “caregiver emotion traps” and how to continue day after day showing up providing compassion to those in the final chapter of life while dancing with our own mortality.


  • Fraud Alert & Awareness for Seniors  Identifying types of scams & exploring methods for protection.  Identity fraud affects thousands each year.  When it comes to identity theft, although anyone is vulnerable, seniors are particularly at risk.


  •  Personalities & Communication Strategies  Discussions regarding Crisis & Media Attention learn tools for responding. The diplomacy needed when dealing with “prickerbush personalities” of family members/visitors of residents.


  •  Sticks N’ Stones Bruising Tones  Coping with bullying in senior living communities. The increase in aggression is on the rise, this track assists in developing strategies’ for a “bully free zone” at your residence. Helping an elder cope that has been victimized in addition to managing the bully’s behavior.


  • Substance Abuse & the Workplace Supervisory Training- Being able to recognize the problem early as the signs blend with the array of problems managers deal with i.e.; absenteeism, poor morale. Guidelines for effective intervention, effective documentation.


  •  Sexuality & Seniors Residing in Assisted Living Communities  Consensual sex in assisted care and treatment facilities- Ageism and Safety concerns. Residents Rights. Understanding and supporting healthy sexuality for older adults, sexuality is a part of every stage of life. Gain information to better meet the needs of your lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals & enhance the ability to deliver services in supportive, non- judgmental manner. 


  • Keeping the Healer Healed   Maintaining emotional wellness in the workplace and cultivating emotional safety among staff in the agency.  Eliminating static in the workplace. 


  • Substance/Medication Use & Abuse and Polypharmacy Issues   As “baby-boomers” enter the age of retirement the exploration of the current generation and the upcoming and growing “baby-boomers” miss-use of substances both legal medication as well as illegal. Learn strategies’ in addressing the issues. 


  • Divas Doing Good  Strives to connect women who support other women along their journeys.  We raise awareness & the value of women acting as Wisdom Weavers nurturing other women with their lessons learned.  We encourage women to hold a vision beyond just surviving ~but rather into thriving!  We believe that no women is safe….until we all are. 


  • Once Upon A Time~The End  Examining our personal beliefs about who we are-Are we enough Do we do enough in our roles as employees.  Our reaction to criticism and what we make it mean by the story we tell ourselves.


  •  Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.  Everyone loses when sexual harassment occurs. It affects productivity and lowers morale at all levels of an organization. Identify. Stop. Prevent.


The one track specific for families of residents is called Comforting the Comforters. Offering viable supportive tools for stress reduction and developing safe strategies to be with “what is”. The acknowledgement of some of our shadow emotions, such as guilt, resentment, worry and grief. How important practicing good self-care is. Learning that exercising the courage to express emotion enhances our well- being and assists us in maintaining a sense of humor.


Presentation  Fee~ $175 per Track  + $30 fuel charge for venues beyond a 50 mile radius of Newburyport, MA.

          Length each group - 1 Hour

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